Student Health Manual

Mission statement                           
Student health services wing of DSCDS strives to extend physical, emotional and over all well-being of the students during their study period in our college. Students are also encouraged to develop self-care and thoughtful health practices.


A world class Sagar Hospital with 415 bed is located within the campus and operational 24/7 for any emergencies providing primary  care to advanced medical procedure by
renowned and senior consultants in all specialities .

Health insurance

All students are compulsorily issued health insurance by Mediclaim which covers all their health expenditures during their course of study .

Immunization Policy statement
Dentistry is a health care profession which has the potential to expose the practitioner to infectious diseases. Immunizations substantially reduce both the providers' susceptibility to these diseases as well as the potential for disease transmission to other dental health care providers and patients. Thus, immunizations are an essential part of the prevention and infection-control programs at the Dayananda Sagar College of Dental sciences

Immunization requirements
All students, who enroll in the dental programs shall be immunized as per Government guidelines.  All costs of student compliance with the immunization requirements will be the responsibility of the students.
All incoming students shall be Immunized against Hepatitis B (compulsory vaccination at 0, 1 and 6 month intervals) during the first year of study.
All new faculty and hospital staff shall be immunized against Hepatitis B if not previously immunized at the time of joining.

Immunisations required by law or mandated by Dayananda Sagar College of Dental Sciences will not be waived.

Health promotion
DSCDS strives to promote health promotion and education services for all its students by conducting Yoga classes conducted in its Yoga centre by trained yoga teachers and also an exquisite Meditation centre has been provided for the students .   

Physical examination , nutritional consultation ,compulsory immunization against Covid and Hepatitis and management of short term and long term medical issues are addressed.

Concession is given for our students undergoing dental treatments.

World class gymnasium with 2 squash court and a tennis court and basketball court with one foot ball ground is provided for the students for all the physical activities required to maintain a healthy body.

Leave policy
Students are allowed to avail  medical leave on providing certificate from the concerned authority in accordance with the University norms.