Campus Life

Dayananda Sagar College of Dental Sciences located in the garden City Bangalore, proud to have a comprehensive & well-integrated common facilities including beautifully landscaped surroundings, 2 world class auditoriums and an amphitheatre with 2 food courts and food carts. Apart from the above, the campus offers the following facilities:


Our wifi enabled campus allows access to the staff and the students to curriculum related information, learning resources, journals, facilities and systems to support the quality and standards of academic programs and classroom instructions, and to support the professional development of the faculty. The Library has a wide variety of educational and research material, which goes beyond the levels of the programs.

The campus fulfils the computing needs of students, as required by today's information technology demands to prepare them for the future. Computer Labs are provided with advanced business software, peripheral and interactive terminals.

The campus encourages students and faculty to be involved in recreational sport through intramural, extramural competitions and tournaments. The campus provides separate sports facilities for boys and girls in addition to an outdoor court for playing Basketball, Volleyball, Throw ball, Tennis and squash. The facilities are supervised and maintained by a physical education director, who is also responsible for training the students and encouraging the students to compete in various national and international sports tournaments.

A student will have access to world class health care at our attached Sagar Hospital at nominal costs. Students are mandatorily provided with health insurance during their tenure of study which covers their health expenses.

YOGA AND MEDITATION CENTRE An exclusive building is dedicated for yoga and meditation in order to ensure the mental wellness of the students.

With the divine blessings of Shavige Malleshwara temple which is 800 years old, the campus is showered with the grace of the almighty.

The campus has an in house conveno to cater to the basic needs of the students.

All student activities within the college are taken care of by the Student Services Officer. Students seeking advice in any academic or personal matter can meet with the counsellor at any time suitable to the student. All matters relating to such issues are held strictly confidential. Each student is assigned a mentor and regular mentor-mentee meetings conducted to resolve any issues. The campus also has a no-tolerance policy against ragging in the campus with a strict rules and regulations laid down by the anti-ragging committee with student representations. Strict action leading to rustication of students if found involving in such activities. Such policy ensures safety and security of all students.

Sq feet building with 5 floors is dedicated for dental hospital and a separate building for basic sciences class. State of the art pre clinical labs with stimulators, modern smart classrooms with boards. Latest clinical equipments such as microscopes, lasers and more for patient care Fully fledged mobile dental van facilitates dental care across different parts of Bangalore.