Institutional Distinctiveness

DSCDS emphasizes overall personality development of a student, benefitting the humanity at large. It has an excellent student support system which promotes physical, mental, social and spiritual development of the Learner in a conducive environment for learning. We believe that this holistic development of the Learners as nurtured by DSCDS through a multitude of student support facilities is our Institutional Distinctiveness, which is achieved through the following facilities and practices:

A salubrious and envious campus environment:

The institution is located in a lush green campus situated on a hillock, with picturesque landscape covering twenty three acres of land of which about fifteen acres are open spaces that act as a lung space in the midst of a concrete jungle endowed with a rich flora and fauna. The landscape covers a rich diversity of flora with about two thousand trees, some of which are known to release abundant oxygen to the atmosphere thereby greatly improving the quality of atmospheric air and reduced noise levels inside the campus.

A Knowledge-boosting learning environment!

In addition to quality teaching program, there exists a structured IRB (Institutional Review Board) and a policy document guiding the IRB, an advance research committee to ensure opportunities for intellectual enlightenment and to up-skill them in conducting contemporary research leading to notable publications.Students are also provided the required support for seeking employability through the placement programs offered by reputed organizations. Students are also given the required career guidance by experts to encourage students to diversify and craft their careers accordingly.

Opportunity for Social cohesion, developing cultural and sportive spirit and learning Life skills….

The institution provides opportunities for collaboration with multiple organizations that cater to the health needs of a larger community. Students are posted in various peripheral centres and organize outreach activities where they provide Oral healthcare services to the socially-
/economically- vulnerable populations. They are trained periodically with respect to soft skills by the experts. The campus also has a state-of-the-art gym, squash court, basketball court, tennis court, football and cricket grounds promoting an interest in sports among students.

Our student mentorship and counselor program- a hallmark!

A well-designed and implemented mentorship program for the students is in vogue for the last three years. A policy document has been developed for the mentorship program. Faculty are trained to take the role of mentors, mentor-mentee meetings are conducted regularly once in 3 months and students with psychological problems are provided with need-based psychological counseling by an expert counselor.

Adding the spiritual quotient!

The institution has a good student support system in terms of YOGA and spiritual centres providing yoga training and meditation classes for the students. A yoga expert has been appointed for training .There in an ancient Shiva temple which dates back to more than 600 years and adds to the positive vibes of the place.

In summary, Learners emerging out of our institution are distinctly capacitated with a host of values of Innovation, Equity, Human capacity, Core competencies. Civic Engagement and Social Justice and Integrity, in addition to nurturing professional quality oral hygiene and dentistry practice, making it a distinctive feature of the institution.