Vision & Mission

Dayananda Sagar College of Dental Sciences aims to be amongst the world's foremost academic institutions in the pursuit of educational, clinical, and research excellence. The institution also aims to provide ample scope for ideation, innovation, and community service, to shape future leaders in dentistry by applying science, art and technology breakthroughs, thereby contributing to national/global oral healthcare, welfare and development initiatives.


Our mission is to realize our vision by:

  • Imparting integrated education and training to the students on par with global standards in dentistry, for the prevention and treatment of various oral diseases and conditions, thus contributing to the improvement and sustenance of better quality of life among all individuals of the society.
  • Ensuring the development of comprehensive domain knowledge, skills and attitudes as required, meeting the above-said objective.
  • Inculcating necessary clinical, diagnostic, and treatment skills, to manage patients effectively and efficiently, and extend similar quality services to the community.
  • Applying theoretical and analytical knowledge in various areas of dentistry to create novel clinical methods and engage in knowledge transfer for the benefit of the society locally and for mankind globally.
  • Delivering quality education in basic and applied dental research to promote innovation and ensure dissemination of new knowledge through presentations at conferences and publications in high-impact journals.
  • Mobilizing faculty expertise to implement local, national, and international initiatives in the field of dentistry to achieve global oral health goals by the year 2030.


Values that drive Dayananda Sagar College of Dental Sciences and support its vision include:

  • Pursuit of Excellence - Strive continuously to improve ourselves and our systems with the aim of becoming the best in our field.
  • Fairness-Ensuring objectivity and impartiality in all our processes to earn the trust and respect of society.
  • Leadership-Lead responsibly and creatively while imparting education and delivering oral healthcare.
  • Integrity and Transparency-Remain ethical, sincere, and transparent in our activities and treat all individuals with dignity and respect.
  • Empathy and Compassion-Be respectful and develop a compassionate relationship between doctors, the auxiliary team, and patients.

We, at Dayananda Sagar College of Dental Sciences, are committed to imparting and inspiring life-long learning by providing the highest quality dental education, research opportunities, and dental services to the satisfaction of all the stakeholders.

Discipline, Dedication, Deference