Manual for Code of Conduct & Ethics for Students


Dayananda Sagar College of Dental Sciences is committed to the pursuit of high-quality education and all-round development of its students. Excellence in teaching and learning in this institute revolves around the need of the students, their active participation and well qualified educators trained in their respective fields. The college instils in all its students to work independently and indulge in scholarly learning and critical judgment with utmost importance to academic integrity and ethical sensitivity.

The college will -

  1. Ensure that teaching and non-teaching staff treat students with utmost regard, dignity and respect as per their individual needs.
  2. Support students when they are fresh adjusting to the new campus and its surroundings and the wider community, make sure that they have a positive experience during their stay in the institution.
  3. Provide top quality student-centric teaching, provide support, advice and guidance, to both undergraduates as well as postgraduate students.
  4. Provide access to high quality Library, IT and specialist laboratory facilities so that students can engage actively with studies.
  5. Provide clear information about course/ programme cost, payment options and deadlines as well as estimates of any additional costs if any.

The College will support you for your studies by -

  1. Ensuring that students have the sufficient resources to develop their skills needed to succeed in the institution and also make aware to the students, their responsibilities in maintaining academic integrity.
  2. Provide a free and fair solution for formal complaints when such problems remain unresolved
  3. Provide all equipment and clinical material required to hone your clinical skills.
  4. Provide an inclusive environment for overall growth and development, the college encourages students to proactively participate in sports and extra-curricular activities.
  5. Provide mentoring and counselling sessions periodically

Students are expected to -

  1. Treat faculty and co students respectfully, with dignity and courtesy. They should consider them as people with different personalities and requirements.
  2. Respect the college infrastructure in its physical form, including his/ her accommodation, behave respectfully towards others who are living, learning and working alongside you in a shared environment.
  3. Utilize the chances and infrastructure provided by the institution to the best extent.
  4. Should be responsible for his studies and should manage his work responsibly; should actively engage in research, should commit himself to self study, and participate in group work and other activities related to the curriculum.
  5. Attend his/her classes, practicals and clinic under the guidance of their faculty and clinic mentors.
  6. Should stick to the stated deadlines and submit their work on time for assessment. They should respond and reciprocate positively against the feedback received.
  7. Always take permissions in advance from staff/ incharge for any absence and return as soon as possible once the problem/health issue is resolved.
  8. Make sure that arrangements are made so that payments are done on time which is as prescribed by the institution.

As a student you will -

  1. Seek help and support at the earliest and in an appropriate manner.
  2. Seek advice from the support groups set up by the institution, wherever available.
  3. Be aware of and understand your responsibilities
  4. Make sure that lie/she does not indulge in any activity that brings disrepute to himself/herself or the institution and maintain a high level of academic integrity.


The curriculum for undergraduate dentistry at Dayananda Sagar College of Dental Sciences has been adopted from the curriculum framed and constructed by the Dental Council of India and also as constituted by the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bangalore. The Goal of the BDS programme is to produce graduates who are comprehensive clinicians able to diagnose accurately the spectrum of various oral diseases. The graduates will learn the technical knowledge and skills necessary to independently provide patients with comprehensive oral health care. We at Dayananda Sagar College of Dental Sciences imbibe in them leadership skills, to set an example to the society as well as humanitarian beliefs to humanely treat the patients. The students are taught to evaluate research and clinical work which are further used by them as evidence-based practice in the future.


Discipline is one of the core values of Dayananda Sagar College of Dental Sciences and students are expected to be at their best discipline at all times as professionals. Any misconduct is viewed seriously by the institution regardless of whether it violates the law of the land or not. The students are scrutinized by the Institutional Disciplinary Committee in case of any misconduct.

Types of Misconduct

Disciplinary action will be taken for violations or attempted violations such as aiding, abetting, or participating in the planning of an act that would be in violation of institutional code.
The following are types of misconduct.

  1. Academic Dishonesty or any other form of Dishonesty
  2. Fabrication of record, Falsification or Forgery
  3. Stealing.
  4. Misuse and breakage any equipment and materials that belongs to the institution II egal usage of institutional name or resources
  5. Physical Abuse and / or Sexual abuse
  6. Ragging
  7. Obstruct or Disrupt teaching, research, administration, disciplinary procedures, or college/ University activities.
  8. Video/ audio recording and taking pictures without authorization.
  9. Inappropriate/ bad behavior
  10. Fights and violence
  11. Substance abuse or misuse
  12. Unapproved sale/use of institutional infrastructure
  13. Marshal or carry out any unlawful activity within the institutional jurisdiction.
  14. Violating laws of the Union of India.

The college has the authority to exercise jurisdiction over mis-behavior that occurs off the campus that would infringe the policies or regulations of the institution if it had occurred within the campus. Specifically, the college has the right to take action over such incidents where any misconduct or illegal activity such as physical abuse, sexual assault, sexual misconduct, sex offenses, physical assault, violence, behavior that risks the health or safety of any person, stalking, harassment, participation in ragging or other activities that cause or is likely to cause physical injury, or personal discredit or disgrace resulting in psychological harm to any student or other person.



  1. Treat all teaching and non-teaching faculty, fellow students, patients and other staff professionally, courteously and in a respectful manner
  2. Will not indulge in cheating, the appearance of cheating or plagiarism
  3. Respect patient confidentiality and adhere to the Patient Rights
  4. Will follow the ethical principles of ‘Doing Good’ and ‘Doing No Harm’ to the patients while treating them.
  5. Will attend to clinical work and appointments after correct preparation, dress appropriately, and carry the necessary armamentarium for clinical/ practical work
  6. Adhere to the specific code of conduct as described by the college
  7. Maintain cleanliness and follow all the protocols as per college rules and regulations.
  8. Carry out correct infection control measures and safety guidelines.
  9. Report unethical behavior to the concerned authorities in the institution.
  10. Maintain’ confidentiality of examinations conducted. Not indulge in malpractices including sharing/ circulation of questions papers or answer sheets in any farm to anyone or through any platform.
  11. Will use the materials and equipment provided by the institution with utmost care and concern.
  12. Comply with infection control and safety guidelines of the college