Student Charter & Council

A student council comprises of all the nominated members to implement and promote sports and cultural activities in the academic year. The Student Council is required to adhere to the college policies. The new ‘Student Council’ meets the council's faculty in charge soon after the nomination. The faculty in charge has to support and advice the members at all times. Meetings are held twice a year to discuss about the upcoming events. All the decisions must be discussed with the teacher in charge.

Role and Responsibilities of the Student Council
The student council's mission is to serve as a voice for students in the college with respect to extra-curricular activities and to communicate with other students, faculty in charge, sports committee and cultural committee. The student council's primary responsibilities are to
a) Plan social events for the college students such as talent shows, sports and cultural events in coordination with cultural and sports committee.
b) Ensure that students will have a voice in decisions that affect them.
The other responsibilities include,

  • To recognize talent among students.
  • To provide, learning and entertainment opportunities for students.
  • To motivate students on sports and cultural activities that interests them.
  • To uphold respectful relationships with parents and institutional staff that includes teaching and non-teaching.
  •  To encourage social gatherings and supports the celebration of numerous multicultural festivals, including Christmas, Onam, and Ganapathi pooja.
  • To engage student council members and other students actively in preparing the e magazine.

Composition of Student Council:
The Student Council and the various Central Committees established in the college shall periodically review the operations of their respective domains and, as and when necessary, make recommendations to enhance their performance. These are the members of the student council:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • General Secretary
  • Cultural Secretary
  • Sports Secretary
  • Magazine Editor
  • Associate Editor
  • UG & PG Student Representatives
  • Member Secretary
  • Faculty Representatives

The student representatives of the Student Council shall hold office for a period of 1 year.

Student Council 2021-22