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Alumni Committee

Alumni Committee - Annual Report

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Annual Report

Anti-Ragging Committee

Audio-Visual, photography and Website Committee

AV Policy and Procedures 2022

R R - Audio-Visual, Photography and Website Committee

Career Guidance and Placement Committee

Committe for Advanced Research Studies

Policy Document Committe for Advanced Research Studies

Committee for Dental Education Technology

Cultural Committee

Policy Document - Cultural Committee

Roles & Responsibilities - Cultural Committee

DSCDS code of conduct, Professional Ethics and Disciplinary Committee - Student affairs

Empanelment Committee

Facility Management Committee

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Feed back Committee

Hospital Infection Control Committee

Roles and Responsibilities - Hospital Infection Control Committee

Hostel Committee

Roles and Responsibilities - Hostel Committee

Institutional Review board Committee

Inter Departmental Meeting Committee

Internal Complaints Committee

Roles and Responsibilities - Internal Complaints Committee

Library Advisory Committee

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Mentorship Protocol

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National Service Scheme Committee

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