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  • Welcome to Periodontics Departments
  • Welcome to Periodontics Departments
  • Welcome to Periodontics Departments
  • Welcome to Periodontics Departments


The subject of Periodontics is introduced to the students in the 3rd year of their intensive undergraduate clinical training programme. When they first enter the department they are trained in sterilization and disinfection of their instruments, maintain their record book and conduct a professional conversation with the patients.

After this initial training they are thought to conduct

  • Examination and diagnose the periodontal diseases
  • They are given a demonstration of the procedure of scaling, root planing and polishing.
  • Discussions on special topics
  • They are also assigned team projects.
  • Theory classes are taken on the basics of Periodontology
  • Quiz programmes are conducted to recapitulate what is taught.

When students come to the final year their clinical skills are honed even further by working on more number of patients and daily intensive clinical discussions.

  • They learn the causes, disease process, management plan and prevention of various periodontal diseases.
  • Discussions and seminars are conducted on important topics.
  • Quiz programmes are held to assess their understanding of the subject.
  • Projects are allotted to students on specific topics to initiate independent thinking, enterprise and encourage team work.
  • Three internal assessments are conducted during the course of two years.
  • Clinical posting end internal examination and viva voce are conducted during every clinical posting.
  • One-on-one discussions in clinics are conducted with the challenged students.


Two post graduate students are admitted every year and the duration of the course is 3 years. Seminar presentations, case presentations, journal clubs, dissertations and classes for under graduate students are conducted as per the modules which is prepared and handed over to each post graduate student on the day one.

Apart from the dissertations, projects and short studies are also carried out. Surgeries are done everyday with case discussions. Various surgical procedures are carried out such as periodontal flap surgeries, mucogingival surgeries, implant placement, microsurgical procedures and laser assisted surgeries.

Every week the PG students are expected to present two seminars and attend two journal clubs. The topics for the same will be assigned one month prior to the presentation. Each student has to present two papers at National level and two posters at a PG convention. At the end of the PG course, each student has to present 15 seminars and 25 journal clubs.

Each student has to submit their library dissertation to the department by the end of first year and their dissertation 6 months before the theory examination as per the university requirements. Mock examinations that follow the university exam pattern are held 2-3 months prior to the final examination which include both theory and clinical examinations.