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  • Welcome to Prosthodontics Crown and Bridge
  • Welcome to Prosthodontics Crown and Bridge
  • Welcome to Prosthodontics Crown and Bridge


  • The Department of Prosthodontics is conducting DANTA BHAGYA free denture camp” at Kanakapura and is in process.
  • Free denture scheme, being conducted by the Department in Old Age Homes, Primary Health Center, Satellite centers and at Kanakapura.

A. Year 2009

  1. 1st – 3rd April 2009: Training of trainers workshop conducted by RGUHS in DSCS.
  2. 9th& 10th September 2009: Orientation programme for MDS course in RGUHS, Bangalore.
  3. 10th September 2009: Waste disposal and its management by Dr. Soumya conducted in DSCDS.
  4. 24th December 2009: Craniofacial defects and its rehabilitation by Dr. Dilip in DSCDS.

B. Year 2010

  1. 10th December 2010: Neurotrauma and its dental perspectives of neurological disorders by Dr. Prasanna in DSCDS.
  2. 15th Dec 2010: GDC-CDE programme and live demonstration on “Fabrication of Zirconia prosthesis by copymilling method”.

C. Year 2011

  1. 28th Feb 2011: Symposium on “Maxillofacial Pathologies” by Dr S V Kumara Swamy, Dr Raghuveer, Dr Dilip Kumar in DSCDS.
  2. 26th March 2011: Hormones & Oral Health by Dr. Manjura in DSCDS.
  3. 13th April 2011: Finite Element Method- From Concepts to reality by Dr Rohan Mascaranhas, Dr Lakshminarayana, Dr Hemanth in DSCDS.
  4. 11th April 2011: Laser Solution for Dental Application by Mr Hans Joeshim Koort Tsui from Germany in DSCDS.
  5. 6th and 7th August 2011: International Conference on Minimally Invasive Cosmetic Dentistry with Computer Guided Occlusion (SAAD) in DSCDS.

D. Year 2012

  1. 27th April 2012: Inter department meeting on “HIV and its importance in Dental Practice” by Dept of Oral &Maxillofacial Surgery in DSCDS.
  2. 4th July 2012: “Biometric Gadgets in the Diagnosing Myofacial Pain/ TMD” by Dr. Manminder Singh Sethi from USA in DSCDS.

E. Year 2013

  1. 7th& 22nd Nov : Concepts And Principles Of Comprehensive Dentistry by Dr Chikka M Raju in DSCDS.

F. Year 2014

  1. 17th June: Guest lecture on Stomatognathics by Dr Raj Upadhay from USA in DSCDS.
  2. 30th June: Integrated Dental Facial Esthetics by Dr Pankaj P Singh from USA in DSCDS.

Year 2015-16

  1. Organized, “DANTA BHAGYA free denture camp” at Kanakapura and Kagallipura, where 100 denture patients were treated.

Year 2017

  1. 16th & 17th Feb: Organized CDE program and Hands on Course on ‘Implant abutment systems in Dental Implants- Surgical & Prosthetic concepts’ in DSCDS.
  2. Restarted “DANTA BHAGYA free denture camp” at Kanakapura.

Year 2018

  1. 14th November: Danta Baghya free denture camp at Kanakpura
  2. 9th October: “Single Day Denture Program”- On the occasion of International Day for Elderly People, 25 complete denture patients were treated.
  3. 6th July: Department organized demonstration on fabrication of All Ceramic Crown (Lab Procedure), conducted by Dentsply Company.