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  • Welcome to Oral Medicine and Radiology
  • Welcome to Oral Medicine and Radiology
  • Welcome to Oral Medicine and Radiology
  • Welcome to Oral Medicine and Radiology

The amount and breadth of research at our Department of Oral Medicine and Radiology, much of it interdisciplinary and the best of medicine and technology, adds another dimension to our University. Working side by side with accomplished faculty members, you will participate in the discovery of new knowledge.

Total Research- 49

Research Completed- 41

Research Ongoing- 8

Research projects completed

  • 1."Conventional and digital radiographic methods in the detection of simulated external root resorption: A comparative study" - Dr. Sanjay C J
  • 2."Prevalence of orofacial manifestations and co-relation with CD 4 count in HIV positive South Indian Children" - Dr. Rachna Kaul
  • 3."Detection of antibody to the human immune deficiency virus in saliva"- Dr. Shilpa P S
  • 4."Visual assessment of mandibular cortex in post menopausal women at risk of osteoporosis"- Dr. Kiran Agarwal
  • 5."Evaluation of precision of dimensional measurements of dry mandible on panoramic radiograph - A digital radiographic study" - Dr. Keerthi G
  • 6."Detection of anti H- Pylori specific IgG in saliva of adult patient with gastrointestinal symptoms and evaluation of its accuracy in comparison with histopathology" - Dr. Ramya T K
  • 7."Detection of antibody to HIV in saliva" - Dr. Shilpa PS
  • 8."Visual assessment of changes in mandibular cortex on panoramic radiographs in identifying post menopausal women with low bone mineral densities"- Dr. Kiran Agrawal
  • 9."Study of incidence of mandibular nutrient canals in hypertensive and diabetes mellitus patients: a digital radiographic study" - Dr. Preeti Dhir
  • 10."Morphological varieties of Soft Palate in normal individuals with reference to Indian population -a preliminary digital cephalometric study" - Dr. Deepa
  • 11."Estimation of serum and salivary glucose level in patients with and without diabetes mellitus: A comparative study" - Dr. Satyendra Kumar
  • 12."Anemia of chronic disease and chronic periodontitis. A compendious evaluation"- Dr. Santosh H N
  • 13."Saliva- a diagnostic tool in assessment of patients at risk for Acute myocardial infarction" - Dr. Hanoch Kumar
  • 14."Evaluation of salivary Interleukin-8 as a biomarker in tobacco users with and without potentially malignant disorders" - Dr. Prabhavati Benakanal
  • 15."Estimation and comparative co-relation of serum circulating immune complex, copper and iron as biomarkers in precancer and cancer"- Dr. Ritu Tiwari
  • 16."Sexual dimorphism in the foramen magnum dimensions - a digital submentovertex radiographic study in South Indian population" - Dr. Neha Raikar
  • 17."Evaluation of salivary LDH as a prognostic biomarkers in tobacco users with and without potentially malignant disorders" - Dr. Rashmi K J
  • 18."Comparison of incidental findings in obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) patients and Healthy controls - Three dimensional CBCT study" - Dr.Elavarasi P
  • 19."Relative estimation of serum Vitamin B -12 and its metabolites in patients with RAS" - Dr. Pankaj Gupta
  • 20."Accuracy of age estimation in year old South Indian population - A comparative analysis of clinical and radiographic methods"- Dr. Sivasankari
  • 21."Expression of endothelial nitric oxide synthase in oral squamous cell carcinoma and oral leukoplakia - an Immunohistochemical study"- Dr. AbhishekDubey
  • 22."Assessment of anterior loop of inferior alveolar nerve in digital Panaromic and CBCT" - Dr. R L Katyayani Kastala
  • 23."Comparison of artifical saliva spray & chewing gum in the management of xerostomia in patients with Type 2 diabetes mellitus"- Dr. Chithra
  • 24."Effect of storage condition on the PCR-quality genomic DNA extracted from saliva : comparison between two sampling methods" Dr. Janavi BR
  • 25."Pharyngeal airway morphology in skeletal class 2 malocclusion patients with & without obstructive sleep apnea- a comparative CBCT study" - Dr. Shanila Abdul Majid
  • 26."Gingival enlargement" - Dr. Elavarasi P
  • 27."Apthous ulcer" - Dr.Abhishek Dubey
  • 28."Saliva as a diagnostic fluid"- Dr.Sivasankari
  • 29."Lasers in oral medicine" - Dr.Pankaj Gupta
  • 30."Imaging modalities for mid facial fractures"- Dr. R L Katyayani Kastala
  • 31."HPV associated oral lesions" - Dr. Chithra
  • 32."Cervicofacial lymphadenopathy" - Dr. Janavi BR
  • 33."Bite mark analysis" - Dr. Shanila Abdul Majid
  • 34.Three dimensional comparison of the exemplars in the examination and identification of experimental bitemarks-Dr.K.Alekhya
  • 35.Salivary detection of high risk HPV type 16 in oral squamous cell carcinoma - a PCR study -Dr.Soujanya L.K
  • Evaluation of salivary sialic acid as a prognostic biomarker in tobacco users with and without potentially malignant disorders -Dr.Garima
  • 37.Assessment of peri-implant alveolar bone using phosphor storage plate -Dr.Raunaque
  • 38.Curcumin - a natures remedy in oral diseases - Dr. Alekhya
  • 39.Diseasesof tongue -Dr.Soujanya L.K
  • 40.Oral manifestations of nutritional deficiencies -Dr.Garima
  • 41.Aloevera - uses in various oral conditions - Dr. Raunaque


Research Ongoing

  • 1.Volumetric analysis of mandibular condyle for sexual dimorphism using CBCT -Dr.Ancy
  • 2.Evaluation of salivary Superoxide dismutase as a biomarker in tobacco users with and without potentially malignant disorders -Dr.Bhargavi
  • 3.Body mass index related measurements of craniofacial soft tissue depth from CBCT images - Dr Rose
  • Incidence of anatomical variations and lesions of maxillary sinus identified using CBCT in asymptomatic patients - Dr. Shambu
  • 5.Orofacial infections-Dr.Ancy
  • 6.Chair side investigations -Dr.Bhargavi
  • 7.Oro-mucosal pigmentation - Dr Rose
  • 8.CBCT in endodontics - Dr. Shambu

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