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  • Welcome to Oral Medicine and Radiology
  • Welcome to Oral Medicine and Radiology
  • Welcome to Oral Medicine and Radiology
  • Welcome to Oral Medicine and Radiology


  1. 4/5/2007- CDE on Blood Transfusion and Blood Disorders - Dr.Seethalakshmi
  2. 8/12/2007 -Principles of Oral Diagnosis and management of mucosal lesions Dr.Gopakumar R
  3. 27/6/2008- Basic interpretation of CT scans of head and neck- A practical approach- Dr.BalakrishnaShetty
  4. Cardiovascular diseases- an emerging silent but serious health care challenge: management in a dental hospital—panel discussion -Dr.Shridhar
  5. 26/3/2011- Hormones and oral health -Dr.Gnanasundaram, Dr.Prasanna Kumar, Dr.ManjulaRaghuveer
  6. 8/11/2011- Preconference course on Ultrasonography- Dr.Keshav,Dr Praveen BN
    Preconference course on MRI- Dr.AshaIyengar, Dr.Chaudi
    Preconference course on CT- Dr. Ashok L, Dr.Radhakrishna
    Preconference course on research protocol- Dr.Sandhya, Dr. Manuel Gifty
    Preconference course on T Scan in association with IAOMR as part of the 23rd national conference -Dr.Prafullatumati, Dr. Chaya David
  7. 29/5/2013- CBCT- Dr.Shashikiran, Dr.Hema, Dr.Dileep, Dr.Savitha, Dr.Sanjana, Dr.Karthik, Dr.Usha
    26th 27th July 2014 National PG convention
    Advances in orofacial diagnosis, therapeutics -Dr.Chandramani More, Dr David Felix, Dr.KannanSunadaram, Dr.HemanthUmarji, Dr. K S Nagesh, Dr.SharathDamodar, Dr.BrindaSitaram
    Clinical Innovation- Dr.Suhas
    Essay competition-Dr.Gopakumar, Dr.Pracilla David
    Debate - Dr.Sujatha, Dr. Vishal Dang
    Panel Discussion -CaptVivek, Dr. Ashok
    Paper And Poster Presentation - PG students
    Preconference Courses In
    Forensic Odontology- Dr. Ashith&Dr.Charan
    Laser -Dr.GirishRao&Dr.Nithin
    Chairside Investigation-Dr.Manjunath&Dr.Soumya
    CBCT -Dr.Vinod.
  8. 28/8/2015- Successful integration of CBCT in dentistry - Dr. Jigna V Raja
  9. 31/5/2016- No Tobacco Day Programme- Dr S. V Kumaraswamy
  10. 20/3/2017- Quick review of oral medicine and radiology- Dr. Vijay raghavan
  11. 1/4/2017- Oral diagnosis: from concepts to practice - National BDS student convention of IAOMR
    Guest lecturers - Dr.Gnanasundaram, Dr. Praveen B N
    Quiz competition- Dr. Ashok, Dr. Chaya M David
    Paper and poster presentations- Ug Students
    Essay competition- Dr. Pricilla David
  12. 17/5/2017- TMJ disorders- Dr.Vinod Joshi
  13. 8/11/2017- International Day Of Radiology
    Quiz competition- Dr. Chaya M David, Dr.PreetiPatil
  14. 30th jan, feb 1st 2nd 2018- Comprehensive 3day implant workshop
    Lecture Session and Live Surgery-Dr.AnuradhaNavaneetham
    Live surgery and placement of implant -Dr.VinayakGowda
    Lecture session -Dr. Ramesh Choodhary
    Placement of implant under guidance-Dr.VinayakGowda
  15. 5/2/2018- CDE program on Digital Dentistry- DrDruthilBelur

CBCT and Comprehensive Workshop on Lasers

  • Oral Cancer screening camp conducted at KCGeneral hospital in association with Govt of Karnataka, dept of health and family welfare and anti Tobbaco cell 0n 31-05-2018
  • Post graduate students orientation program held on 6-06-2018, at Dayananda Sagar College of Dental Sciences, Bengaluru. Dr. Chaya M David, speaking on Managing Emotions at the Postgraduate Orientation Programme.
  • CBCT- importance and applications in all fields of dentistry, April 3rd April 6th 2018, at DayanandaSagar College of Dental Sciences, Bangaluru
  • A Comprehensive Workshop on LASERS - in association with Departments of Oral Surgery and Periodontia a hands on training workshop on 16th and 17th April 2018, at DayanandaSagar College of Dental Sciences, Bengaluru.

Treatment procedures carried out in the Department 

  • Lasers: Treatment with lasers for oral mucosal lesions
  • Implantology: CBCT analysis and planning of implant placement
  • Tobacco Cessation Initiative: Patients are counselled for cessation of habit and Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) is prescribed if needed.
  • Cancer &Precancer Screening: Patients are screened for presence of Cancer and precancerous lesions by thorough oral examination and screening tools
  • Temporomandibular Disorders Clinic: Diagnosis of TMJ disorders by thorough clinical examination and investigations are done and non-surgical management are provided
  • Orofacial Pain Clinic: Diagnosis and management of complex Orofacial pain problems
  • Forensic Odontology: Age estimations is done based on age-related changes in the teeth
  • Camps: Camps are conducted on regular basis for screening of cancer and precancerous lesions, providing basic oral health education and creating awareness regarding oral health
  • Saliva Studies: Diagnosis and prognosis of diseases using salivary studies
  • Special care for geriatric patients
  • CDE programs: The department is actively involved in conduction of various state and national level CDE programs, UG and PG conferences