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  • Welcome to Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics
  • Welcome to Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics


  • Total research projects - 35
  • Completed research projects - 25
  • Ongoing research projects - 10
1. Evaluation of shear bond strength of fluoride and non fluoride light cure orthodontic adhesives-an in vitro study COMPLETED
2. Condylar asymmetry in unilateral posterior cross bite cases- a comparative study COMPLETED
3. Torque control of the maxillary central incisor-a comparative study between labial and lingual orthodontics: a 3-d finite element analysis COMPLETED
4. Effects of various methods of chlorhexidine application on shear bond strength –an in vitro study COMPLETED
5. Cephalometric norms for karnataka population by using a unified facial and dental approach COMPLETED
6. Cytotoxicity of separating elastics used in orthodontics-an in vitro study COMPLETED
7. Stress induced in periodontal ligament under orthodontic loading-a non linear fem study COMPLETED
8. Ion release in bonded and non bonded stainless steel brackets when subjected to different mouthwashes-a comparative in vitro study COMPLETED
9. Evaluation of periodontal stress due to orthodontic loading in a maxillary central incis Or at various inclinations –an fem study COMPLETED
10. Effects of commonly used mouth washes on force degradation of orthodontic elastomeric chains-an in vitro study COMPLETED
11. “Changes in airway dimensions following functional appliance therapy: a cephalometric study COMPLETED
12. “Evaluation of short term effect on periodontal health by fixed orthodontic appliance” COMPLETED
13. “Comparison of surface roughness of enamel after debonding and finishing-an in-vitro study” COMPLETED
14. Influence of rapid maxillary expansion on skeletal and dental structure:FEM study COMPLETED
15. Comparison of bond dtrength of orthodontic brackets between conventional and self etch primer with or without enamel in-vitro study COMPLETED
16. Evaluation and comparison of bracket slot dimensions of commercially available pre-adjusted edgewise appliance- an in vitro study. COMPLETED
17. Apical stresses in the periodontal ligament of a lower incisor under vertical orthodontic loading- A linear vs non linear 3d finite element study COMPLETED
18. “Comparison of different treatment modalities for white spot lesion: an in vitro study”. COMPLETED
19. Co-relation between a1298c and c677t mthfr gene polymorphism with the susceptibility of non syndromic cleft lip and palate in the local population COMPLETED
20. Comparison of residual monomer release from removable orthodontic appliances - a quantitative in-vitro study COMPLETED
21. Pattern of stress distribution in different root morphologies – a 3d fem study COMPLETED
22. Heritability of facial soft tissue characteristics – a familial photographic study. COMPLETED
23. Assessment of dentofacial morphology : a 3d cbct study COMPLETED
24. Evaluation of force deflection properties of nickel titanium arch wires. COMPLETED
25. A comparative assessment of stability between various orthodontic miniscrew implants – an invitro study COMPLETED
26. : Evaluation of smile parameters in growing & non growing individuals – a photographic study ONGOING
27. Mandibular molar protraction using miniscrews at different alveolar bone levels – a 3d fem study ONGOING
28. Evaluation & comparison of bracket slot dimensions of commercially available lingual brackets – an invitro study ONGOING
29. A comparison of efficacy of lingual retainer wires bonded with different adhesive systems – an invitro study ONGOING
30. Development of an electronic sensor to monitor the wear of removable appliances – an invitro study ONGOING
31. Assessment of external root resorption in mandibular molar due to molar mesialisation-a prospective study ONGOING
32. Dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate (dheas) as a skeletal maturity indicator. ONGOING
33. Evaluation of myeloperoxidase and lactate dehydrogenase enzymatic activity in gingival crevicular fluid in orthodontic patients-in vitro study ONGOING
34. To evaluate the effect of vibratory stimuli using sonic toothbrush on the rate of tooth movement. ONGOING
35. :An advanced 3 dimensional facial hard and soft tissue analysis –a cbct study ONGOING