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Staff Publications


International – 31

National - 35

  1. Anterior esthetic rehabilitation: A case report. Int Journal of applied sciences,2018:4(1):06-08, Bijo kurian Khatib, Swapna DV, Roopa R Nadig.
  2. Microtensile bond strength of composite resin following the use of Bromelain and Papain as deproteinizing agents on etched Dentin: an invitro study; IJCPD may 2018; Khatib, Dr. Swapna, Dr. Ranjini, Dr. Roopa R Nadig
  3. 3. Comparison of the sealing ability of endocem mta and endoseal mta asfurcal perforation repair material undrer the operating microscope in permanent molar -an in vitro study. Endodontology. Dr. Swapna, Dr. Roopa Nadig. (Article In-press)
  4. Stem cell therapy – Hype or hope? A review Roopa R Nadig J Conserv Dent | Oct – Dec 2009 | Vol 12 | Issue 4
  5. Geriatric restorative care – the need, the demand and the challenges .Journal of Conservative Dentistry, Jul-Sept-2011, Vol 14, Issue 3-DrRoopa R Nadig, Dr Usha G.
  6. Effect of Four Different Placement Techniques on Marginal Microleakage in Class II Composite Restorations: An invitro Study published in World Journal of Dentistry, April-June 2011;2(2):111-116.-DrRoopa R Nadig, Usha G, Karthik J, Vedavathi B, DrUsha G ,Dr. Karthik J
  7. Chemical Analysis of Dentin Surfaces after Carisolv treatment in the Journal of Conservative Dentistry July-Sep 2009 Vol12 issue 3-Dr Veena Pai, Dr.Roopa R Nadig,Dr ,Usha G, Dr. Karthik J
  8. C-Factor influencing bonding of composite resins to pulpal floor dentin in Endodontology Vol. 23, issue 1, June 2011 68 to 74.-Dr.Roopa R Nadig
  9. Tissue engineering and it’s application in endodontics an overview Kapil Loomba, Rhythm Bains, Vivek Kumar Bains, Anju Loomba, Dr.Roopa R Nadig Tarun V.Srivastava ENDO(LondEngl)2012. 6(2) 105-112.
  10. Differentiation of isolated and chararatierzied human dental pulp stem cells and stem cells from human exfoliated deciduous teeth- an invitro study. Vinay Rao, Dr.Roopa R Nadig, Ramananda Nadig, Jyothi S Prasanna J.Karthik, Veena S Pai. J.Conserv Dent/Sept-Oct 2013 Vol 16/ Issue 5
  11. C Factor influencing bonding of composite resins to pulpal floor dentin K.Priyadarshini, Dr.Roopa R Nadig. Endodontology.
  12. Full mouth rehabilitation of amelogenesis imperfecte – a case report.In International Journal of Contemporary Dentistry March 2011. 2(2).-Dr.Roopa R Nadig ,Usha G.
  13. Effect of Night Guard Vital bleaching agents on the microhardness of enamel and remineralization potential of saliva – An in vitro study’ in the RGUHS J Dent. Sciences, Sept 2011, Vol 3, Issue 3.-DrRoopa R Nadig, Dr.Karthik J, Dr.Swapna D.V.
  14. Effectiveness of Prophylactic use of Etoricoxib in comparison with ibuprofen on Postendodontic Pain- randomized double-blind placebo-controlled study; an invivo study in World Journal of Dentistry, July-Sept 2011;2(3):243-247.-DrSwapna D.V, DrRoopa R Nadig, DrVedavathi B.
  15. Radix Entomolaris an Endodontic Problem – A case series in IJCD. June 2011 2(3);8-10-DrVedavathi B, Dr.Roopa R Nadig
  16. Contributed to a Chapter on Seminar Preparation and Presentations in a book ‘PROLOGUE’ – An Orientation to Postgraduates. Published by Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Karnataka, Bangalore-Dr.Roopa R Nadig.
  17. Patients Attitude to Rubber Dam A Short term study published in World Journal of Dentistry, April – June 2011;2(2):167-168-DrVedavathi B, Dr.Roopa R Nadig.
  18. Contributed to a chapter on Minimal Invasive Dentistry in a book published by Federation of Operative Dentistry of India in 2002-DrRoopa R Nadig.
  19. Contributed a chapter on geriatric restorative care, text book of operative dentistry by Dr Vimal Sikri
  20. Efficacy of calcium hydroxide, mushroom, and Aloe vera as an intracanal medicament against Enterococcus faecalis: An in vitro study BIJO KURIAN, SWAPNA DV, ROOPA R NADIG, RANJINI MA, K RASHMI, SUBHA RANI BOLAR 2016 Endodontology ǀ Published by Wolters Kluwer - Medknow
  21. Fracture resistance of endodontically treated premolars with direct resin restoration using various corono-radicular retentive techniques: an in-vitro study. Yashwanth G, Roopa R Nadig, Usha G, Karthik J, Vedavathi B, Raghoothama Rao J.
  22. Regeneration in Endodontics Anthology of Research – Dr.Urvashi Bhanwal, Roopa R Nadig, Karthik.J..
  23. Fracture resistance of endodontically treated teeth restored with direct resin restoration reinforced with post and polyethylene fibre-an in vitro study: Endo(Lond Engl) 2013,7(4) :1-6.
  24. Advanced Ceramics – A review of material science Usha .G., Prashanth T.R., Roopa.R.Nadig, Yashawanth Gowda,Murtuza, Journal of Dental Sciencses & Research Vol 4, Issue 2 Sep. 2013.
  25. Biodegradation of Resilon Root Canal Filling Material – A. in Vitro Study. Endodontology Vol 26 issue 2 Dec 2014. George Chacko, Roopa.R.Nadig, Vinitha.M., Ganesh.C.Nair, Usha,G., Vedavathi.B., Vinod Kumar.R.
  26. Sealing ability of mineral trioxide appregate and Biodentine as the root end filling material, using two different retro preparation techniques – An in vitro study. Ankita Khandelwal, J.Karthik, Roopa.R.Nadig, Arpit Jain International Journal of Contemporary dental & medical reviews (2015)
  27. Endodontic Flare Ups – An over view. Sindhu .S., Roopa.R.Nadig, Veena .S.Pai, Sruthi Nair. International Journal of Contemporary Medical research Vol 2 issue 2 , 2015.
  28. Bite Registration in Restorative Dentistry. Sheethal S, Usha .G, Roopa.R.Nadig, Sijo .P.Mathew International Journal of Contemporary Medical research Vol 2 issue 2, 2015.
  29. Effect of different Base Materials and Techniques on Microleakage in Class II Composite Open Sandwich Restorations :- an in vitro study. Urvashi Bhanwal, Roopa.R.Nadig, Karthik Jagadish, Veena.S.Pai, Yashwanth, World journal of dentistry, April-June 2014: 5(2)1.
  30. All is well that ends well – A review on Root End Filling materials. Divya D. Dr.Vedavathi.B. Dr.Roopa.R.Nadig, Preeti M.Tippashetty, Journal of Dental Sciences & Research Vol 5, Issue 2-2015.
  31. Management of immature tooth by regenerative endodontic endodontic approach. Sindhu .S Divya.D.Usha .G. Dr.Roopa.R.Nadig. Journal of Dental Sciences & Research Vol 5, Issue 2-2015.
  32. Root canal curvature : A literature review. Smitha Agarwal ,Swapna.D.V. Roopa.R.Nadig Bijo Kurian. International Journal of Contemporary medical research Vol 2, ussue 2, 2015.
  33. Dentinal tubule occluding effect of a herbal toothpaste and mouth wash. An invitro SEM analysis. International Journal of current research Vol 9 issue 3 March 2017.Dr.Jewel Darshan, Dr.Veena S.Pai. Dr.Vedavathi.B., Dr.Sneha, Dr.Roopa.R.Nadig.
  34. Evaluation of gingival micro leakage in deep class II closed sandwich composite restoration using RMGIC, Biodentin and Theracil LC as liners. An Invitro study . JCDR June 2017. Dr.Jewel, Dr.Veena.S.Pai, Dr.Vedavathi .B., Dr. Krishna Kumar and Dr.Roopa.R.Nadig.
  35. A multi disciplinary approach to correct loss of VDO by Full mouth rehabilitation : International Journal of current research Vol - 9 issue 6, June 2017. Ashok H.K., Dr.Roopa.R.Nadig, Dr.Veena.S.Pai, Dr.Vedavathi B.
  36. Non surgical Endodontic treatment of Dens Invaginatus Type 2 in Maxillary Incisors with perapical lesion- Case Report. Archives of Dental and Medical Research. Vol. -3 Issue 3 2017. Ashok H.K., Dr.Roopa.R.Nadig, Dr.Veena.S.Pai, Dr.Vedavathi B.
  37. Effect of 5 % Chlorine dioxide irrigant on micro pushout bond strength of resin sealer to radicular dentin An Invitro study. JCDR Vol 11. Issue 5 May 2017. Rejitha, Dr.Swapna D.V., Dr.Ranjini, Dr.Rashmi. Dr. Yashwanth G, Dr. Roopa R Nadig.
  38. Quantitative assessment of surface roughness with chlorine dioxide irrigant on root canal dentin by 3 D CLSM. Endontology July 2017. Rejitha, Dr.Swapna D., Dr. Roopa R Nadig.
  39. A case report on management of dens invaginatus in a young permanent tooth. Archives of Dental and Medical Research 2016. Preethi, Dr.Vedavathi .B. Dr.Veena, Sijo, Gis, Dr. Roopa R Nadig.
  40. Effect of different reinforcement technique on fracture resistance of overly flared endodontically treated teeth with extensive coronal tooth structure loss – an invitro study. IJCR April 2017 Vol 9 issue 4. Dr.Sneha, Dr. Vedavathi .B, Dr.Jewel, Dr. Roopa R Nadig.
  41. Effect of application of naturally occurring anti oxidant agents on bonding of composite resin to bleached enamel . - An invitro study. International Journal of advanced research. Aug 2017. Ashok H.K., Dr.Roopa.R.Nadig, Dr.K. Rashmi, Dr.Vedavathi B.Dr.Veena.S.Pai, Dr.Sapna D.V.
  42. Three dimentional finite element analysis of vertical and rotational orthodontic force distribution-Dr Vedavathi B
  43. Adverse Reactions occurring after irreversible Hydrocolloid impression in RGUHS J Dent. Sciences, Sept 2011/ Vol 3/ Issue3; pg 38-41- Dr.Vedavathi
  44. Stress induced in the periodontal ligament under orthodontic loading (Part I): a finite element method study using LINEAR ANALYSIS. Journal of International Oral Health 2015; 7(8):129-133. (INTERNATIONAL) DR.VEDAVATHI.
  45. Stress induced in the periodontal ligament under orthodontic loading (PART II): a comparison of LINEAR VS NON- LINEAR FEM STUDY. The Journal of Contemporary Dental Practice, September 2015;16(9):740-743. DR.VEDAVATHI.
  46. Evaluation of gingival microleakage in class II composite restorations with different lining techniques - an in-vitro study Dr.Vedavathi.Bore Gowda, Dr.Sreenivasa Murthy.B.V, Dr.Swaroop Hegde, Dr. Swapna. Devarasanahalli Venkataramanaswamy, Dr.Veena Suresh Pai , Dr.Rashmi Krishna.
  47. An analysis of the stress induced in the periodontal ligament during extrusion and rotation movements: part II: a comparison of linear vs Non linear FEM study. The Journal of Contemporary Dental Practice, September 2015;16(9):740-743 DR.VEDAVATHI.
  48. Traumatic impact loading on human maxillary incisor a dynamic FEA. Journal of Indian Society of Pedo & Preventive Dentistry Oct-Dec 2016 Vol 33 Issue 4.
  49. Hemisection – Survival of fittest. International Journal of Dental Sciencess:2016: 2(3): 71-7.
  50. A 3 year follow up case report of successfully treated perforating internal root resorption using MTA. World journal of dentistry, Oct- Dec 6(4)2015. K.Rashmi, Jayashree Hegde Swapna D.V, Veena Pai S, Vedavathi B.,Krishnakumar
  51. Management of crack tooth – a case study. International Journal of Current Research 2017 9 (6) Gis George, Rejitha, Dr.vedavathi.B., Dr.Ranjini, Neeharika.
  52. Comparison of third generation versus fourth generation electronic apex locators in detecting apical constriction: An in vivo study DV Swapna, Akash Krishna, Anand C Patil, Rashmi K, Veena S Pai, Ranjini M A 2015 Journal of Conservative Dentistry ǀ Published by Wolters Kluwer – Medknow
  53. Traumatic Dental Injury- An Enigma for Adolescents: A Series of Case Reports Akash Krishna, Manjunath Hampanna Malur, D.V. Swapna, Shiny Benjamin, and Chris A. Deepak Hindawi Publishing Corporation Case Report in Dentistry Volume 2012, Article ID 756526, 5 pages , doi:10.1155/2012/756526
  54. An unusual Mishap during Root Canal Access in Retreatment Case Manjunath Hampanna Malur, Akash Krishna, and D. V. Sapna Hindawi Publishing Corporation Case Report in DentistryVolume 2012, Article ID 892652, 3 pages ,doi:10.1155/2012/892652.
  55. Evaluation of Gingival Microleakage in class II Composite Restoration with Different Lining. Technique: An In vitro Study Vedavathi Bore Gowda, B.V. Sreenivasa Murthy, Swaroop Hedge, Swapna Devarasanahalli Venkataramanaswamy, Veena Suresh Pai, Rashmi Krishna Hindawi Publishing Corporation Scientifica Volume 2015,Article ID 896507, 6 pages
  56. A 3-Year Follow-up Case Report of a Successfully treated Perforating Internal Root Resorption using MTA K Rashmi, Jayshree Hedge, DV Swapna, Veena Suresh Pai, B Vedavathi, GR Krishna KumarWorld Journal of Dentistry, October-December 2015;6(4):235-238.
  57. Non surgical endodontic treatment of type II dens invaginatus. Journal of Conservative Dentistry April-June 2009 Vol 12 issue 2 73-76. Ranjini M.A., Anjali Kiwar, Meena .N., Anitha Kumari.R., Ashish Shetty, Naveen D.N., Subhashini .N.
  58. Internal resorption managed by root canal treatment : Incorporation of CT with 3D reconstruction in diagnosis and monitoring of the disease. Journal of International Oral Health, June 2010, Vol 2 Issue 1. 86-94. Anjali Kiwar, Ranjini M.A, Ashwini .P, M.Fayaz Pasha, Meena .N.
  59. Evaluation of smear layer removal of Ultrasonically prepared retrocavities by three agents. Journal of Conservative Dentistry July-Aug 2014 Vol 17 Issue 4 330-334. Raghu Srinivasan, Girish Sooranagenahalli, Ashwathappa. Pramod Junjanna, Shreetha Bhandary, Ranjini M.A, Ashwija Shetty.
  60. Management of crack tooth – a case study. International Journal of Current Research 2017 9 (6)
    a. Gis George, Rejitha, Dr.Vedavathi.B., Dr.Ranjini, Neeharika.
  61. Quantity of Sodium Thiosulfate required to neutralize various concentrations of Sodium Hypopchlorite. : Effect of resin infiltration and shear bond strength on bleached enamal following the application of natural extracts as antioxidants at different time intervals- an invitro study Asian J.Pharm.Hea.Sci,July-Sep.2012;Vol-2;Issue 3. Jayshree Hegde, Kusum Bashetty, Krishna Kumar, Utsav Gulati.
  62. Comparative evaluation of the sealing ability of different obturation systems used over apically separated rotary Nickel-Titanium files :An invitro study . Journal of Conservative Dentistry Sept. Oct 2013; Vol 16, Issue 5. Krishna Kumar Gollahalli Rangappa, Jayshree Hegde, Champa Chikkamallaiah, Krishna Rashmi.
  63. Comparative evaluation of smear layer removal by chitosan and EDTA when used as irrigant: JCD 2017 Dr Roopa R Nadig, Dr Sijo Dr Veena S Pai
  64. Reinforcing effects of calcium silicate based cements and dual cure composite resin in simulatded immature teeth with open apex. IJCPD 2017, Dr Roopa, Dr Veena, Dr Ranjini, Dr Yashwanth
  65. Anterior aesthetic rehabilitation; case report IJADS 2018, Dr Swapna, Dr Bijo, Dr Khatib, Dr Roopa R Nadig