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  • Prosthodontics
  • Prosthodontics
  • Prosthodontics
  • Welcome to Prosthodontics Crown and Bridge
  • Welcome to Prosthodontics Crown and Bridge
  • Welcome to Prosthodontics Crown and Bridge

Research is a chief priority at the Department of Prosthodontics. Our research reflects innovations across the spectrum of diseases and oral health prevention not only establishing national and international prominence, but also promoting high-quality instruction.

Research Activities/Conferences:

  1. “An evaluation of topographic changes in peri-implant hard and soft tissue using a standardized technique. An invivo study”
  2. “Evaluation of stress distribution in bone using different implant dimensions and designs- threaded and non threaded- A 3-Dimensional finite element analysis.”
  3. “A 3-D finite element analysis of strain around endosseous threaded and non threaded implant with regular occlusion and altered occlusion. An in vitro study”
  4. “A 3-D finite element analysis of strain around endosseous threaded and non threaded implant opposing natural teeth with regular occlusion and altered occlusion. An in vitro study”
  5. “Reducing disocclusion time and chronic masseter and temporalis muscle hyperactivity by treating myofacial pain dysfunction syndrome patients with computer guided occlusal therapy using Tekscan III/ Bioelectromyography synchronization module. An in vivo study”
  6. “Analysis of the stress distribution around angulated and parallelly placed implants based on all on 4 concept and four implants placed parallelly within the interforaminal distance in edentulous mandible. A 3 D finite element analysis”
  7. “A comparative clinical study of temporomandibular joint (TMJ) vibrations in completely edentulous patients using 5 years old denture and 6 months after insretion of new complete denture. An in vivo study”
  8. “Assessment of temporomandibular joint condition among 18 to 30 years old students of Dayananda Sagar Institute using electrovibratography. An in vitro study”
  9. “Effect of thread depth of different designs on implant stability using finite element analysis. A comparative in vitro study”
  10. “Comparison of the effect of 4 abutment implant connections wuth lead in bevel on stress distribution at the internal surface of dental implants and on the crestal and peri implant bone. An invitro 3 d finite element analysis”
  11. “Analysis of stress distribution at the cement- crown interface in allceramic crowns cemented using two different resin cements. An in vitro 3 D finite element study”
  12. “Analysis of retention of cement retained copings on straight and angulated abutements in implants. An in vitro study”

Ongoing Studies:

  • Comparison of stress distribution at internal hex and morse taper abutment connections in straight and angulated abutments. An in vitro 3D finite element analysis study.
  • Comparison of stress distribution at bone-implant interface of one piece and two piece implants. An in vitro finite element analysis study.
  • A spectrophotometric analysis of the effect of different beverages and food colourants on the colour stability of peek composites and acrylic resin. An in-vitro study.

CDE Programs and Conferences participated:

  1. Participated in Digital Dentistry CDE programme conducted by Prof. Dr. DruthilBelur at DSCDS on 5th Feb 2018.
  2. Participated in Trends in Prosthodontics with Master Class conducted by Indian Prosthodontic Society on 02 – 04 Feb 2018.
  3. Department organized Comprehensive implant workshop in collaboration with Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Periodontics, Oral Medicine and Radiology on 31st Jan – 1st Feb 2018.
  4. Organized hands- on workshop programme on “Dental implants” – surgical and prosthetic concepts held at Dayananda Sagar college of Dental Sciences, Bangalore.
  5. Participated in Oral hygiene Day 2017, conducted by Indian Society of Periodontology in the Dept. of Periodontics DSCDS, on 1st Aug 2017.
  6. Department organized Training of the Trainers (TOT) programme, which was conducted by RGUHS to sensitize the teachers for better teaching and assessment of the students on 13th April 2017.
  7. Participated in Indian prosthodontics society conference Karnataka Branch on 10th March 2017.
  8. Participated in lecture and hands-on programme on implant retained orbital prosthesis on 21st Nov 2016.
  9. Participated in lecture on Management of Atrophied Edentulous Ridges with tilted Implants avoiding additional surgeries on 27th October 2016.
  10. Participated in Indian prosthodontics Society conference, 2rd- 4th December 2016
  11. Participated in 18th Indian Prosthodontic Society PG convention, Integrate to Innovate, on 24th to 26th June 2016 at Vydehi Institute of Dental Science, Bangalore.
  12. Participated in “DANTA BHAGYA free denture camp” conducted by Dept. of Prosthodontics at Kanakapura and Kagallipura , Bangalore.
  13. Attended symposium on “Innovations and applications of cad/cam technology to clinical prosthodontics at BIDS dental college, Bangalore.
  14. Attended CDEprogramme on “Dialectic prostho” a prosthodontic debate at KLE society institute of dental sciences, Bangalore.
  15. Attended pre-conference Hands on course on “Placement of implant and angulated abutments” at SDM College of dental sciences, Dharwad.
  16. Attended 4th KPS conference on “From analogue to digital ever evolving prosthodontics” at SDM College of dental sciences, Dharwad.
  17. Attended CDEprogramme on “Rapid review of oral medicine and radiology ” held at Dept. of oral medicine at Dayananda Sagar college of dental sciences , Bangalore.
  18. Attended CDEprogramme on “How veneers can improve your life – the learning channel ” at M S Ramaiah university of applied sciences , Bangalore