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Prof.Dr.Nagesh L, Head of the Department of Public Health Dentistry, Dayananda Sagar College of Dental Sciences was an Invited Speaker at the National Level Workshop on Questionnaire designing and Validation, Qualitative research, conducted on 21st and 22nd December, 2018 at the KM Shah Dental College and Hospital, Baroda.

It was attended by Dental, Physiotherapy and Managerial faculty and students.

christmas christmas

Dental and Medical Camp at Wayanad, Kerala

Dayananda Sagar College of Dental Sciences, Department of Public Health Dentistry under the Aegis of National Service Scheme (NSS), Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences participated in the Medical and Dental camp organized by the Swamy Vivekananda Medical Mission, Muttil, Wayanad, Kerala. The medical mission is an NGO which works for the betterment of the Adivasis and the tribals of the Wayanad district. The hilly terrain makes the availability of medical facilities even more difficult.

A team of 8 dental doctors from the college reached Muttil, Wayanad on 31st December, 2018.

The team consisted of

  1. Dr. Nithin N Bhaskar (Staff)
  2. Dr. Ashok H K (Staff)
  3. Dr. Praveen Gowda (Intern)
  4. Dr. Dileep Kumar (Intern)
  5. Dr. Srikar Gade (Intern)
  6. Dr. Shreekumar Desai (Intern)
  7. Dr. Aditya Kiran (Intern)
  8. Dr. Sanket Nayak (Intern)
Total number of patients who attended the medical camp 1238
Total number of patients screened for dental problems 538
Male patients 236
Female Patients 302
Children (Below 12 Years) 345

Several patients were screened and treated for various Oral conditions/ disorders/ Dental Caries and Infections. Oral Health Awareness was also conducted on site.

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IDA Karnataka State Dental Conference

The II & III BDS students & students from the Intern batch of DSCDS registered, actively participated and also presented Scientific Papers & Posters during the Scientific deliberations held at the recently concluded 46thIDA Karnataka State Dental Conference at M S Ramaiah University, Bangalore.

It is heartening to know that our III BDS students were successful in bagging the top 3 awards in the Scientific Poster category at the event.

They were guided by Dr.Krishnanand PS, Professor & Head of Department of Oral Pathology, DSCDS & Dr. Vidya MA, Senior Lecturer in Department of Oral pathology, DSCDS. The results of the Poster event are as follows:

# Student Name Year of Study Award Secured Title of the poster Guided By
1 Kruti S III BDS First Prize Gene Therapy: Applications in Dentistry Dr.Vidya MA,
Dr. Krishnanand PS
2 Raashika Tripathi III BDS Second Prize Trigeminal neuralgia Treatment & Gamma Knife Radiosurgery Dr.Vidya MA,
Dr. Krishnanand PS
3 Ishani Das III BDS Third Prize Botox In Dentistry Dr.Vidya MA,
Dr. Krishnanand PS



Dayananda Sagar College of Dental Sciences was represented by a team of 25 participants (22 interns and 3 final year BDS students) under the supervision of thestaff Dr.Gargi.S.Murthy and Dr.Ranjini.M.A at KALAKSHAJA-State level cultural extravaganza held on 4th and 5th December 2018 at GDC, Bangalore. The students were talented and took part enthusiastically.

The first day events included photography, group dance, duet dance, mehendi, rangoli and many more. The second day constituted of events such as on spot dance, paper dressing, solo singing, Vegetable carving, and fashion show.Thetalented students from the college took part in all the events enthusiastically and won in most of them. Students exhibited their cultural flair and best behaviour during 2 days upholding the esteem of DSCDS.

Prize winners:

  1. Charu-4th BDS -1st prize-Best out of waste
  2. Sreejit- 4th BDS-2ndprize-Photography
  3. Sharanya- Intern-2nd prize-On spot dance
  4. Nishmitha and Netra- Interns- 1st prize-Paper dressing
  5. Dileep-Intern-2nd prize-Vegetable carving
  6. Aditi- Intern-2nd prize-Solo singing
  7. Interns- 3rdprize-Fashion show

Staff incharge - Dr Gargi S Murthy and Dr Ranjini M.A

List of Students Participating From Dayanand College Of Dental Sciences for Kalakshaja

  1. Duet Dance - Krishnendu ,Aswathi (interns)
  2. Rangoli - Shanthipriya, Vaibhavi (interns)
  3. Mehendi - Manasa (intern)
  4. Photography - Sreejith (4th year)
  5. Vegetable Carving - Dileep(intern)
  6. Hindi Antakshari - Aditi, Rydham, Aishwarya.R(interns)
  7. Paper Dressing - Nethra, Nishmitha (interns)
  8. Onspot Dance - Sharanya (intern)
  9. Solo Song - Adithi (intern)
  10. Creative Painting - Manasa (intern)
  11. FashionShow - Anusha,Spandana,Rupshika,Sera, Rujula,Akash,Devi,Aishwarya.R(interns) Vishnu (4th year)
  12. Group Dance - Anusha, Aswathi, Shruthi, Krishnendu, Sreelakshmi, Sharanya (interns)
  13. Best out of Waste - Charu (4th year)

And students feedback-

Our experience at Kalakshaja at GDC We, the interns of batch 2k19 participated in GDC's 60th jubilee celebrations, "Kalakshaja" held on the 4th and 5th of November, 2018. All of us started our preparations for the event with great enthusiasm and of course the anxiety that comes with it. The fact that we would be going to the most reputed and iconic dental institution kept us dedicated to the cause despite minor setbacks. The first day held several events such as Photography, Group dance, and many more. Our college bagged prizes in 2 events on the first day. We were happy, though not fully satisfied. The second day constituted of events such as On spot dance, paper dressing, solo singing, Vegetable carving, fashion show etc. We crossed our fingers and hoped for the best each time they announced the winners. Never before had we felt such unity, pride and sense of belonging to our institution. We managed to secure 5 more prizes bringing our tally to 7 wins. We concluded our day with a sense of achievement and a plenty of photos to serve as reminder of the time we spent together as a team.

All this however would not have been possible without our visionary principal, Dr. Hemanth who pushes us to be the best version of ourselves and of course our kind and supportive staff who gave us the freedom to practice and perfect ourselves. Dr Gargi and Dr Ranjini were the backbone of this team effort and provided us with the guidance without which we wouldn't be able to achieve this.


Dr.S.Sacchidananda, Honorable Vice Chancellor of Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences with participants of the ‘Boot Camp for Master Trainers’ held in December 2018.

Dr. Sangeetha R, Reader, Department of Oral Pathology, DSCDS attended this program which was a three day intense session conducted to provide the professional support to evolve as an independent trainer in Health Professionals’ Education.



All Faculty along with Post Graduate and Under Graduate Students from all Departments of Dayananda Sagar College of Dental Sciences celebrated the spirit of Christmas this year. Competitions were held for the best decorated Department which was won by:

1st Prize: Department of Periodontics
2nd Prize: Department of Orthodontics
3rd Prize: Department of Oral Medicine and Department of Maxillofacial Surgery

christmas christmas

A State Level Cultural Extravaganza

Dayananda Sagar College of Dental Sciences was represented by a team of 25 participants (22 interns and 3 final year BDS students) under the supervision of the staff Dr. Gargi.S.Murthy and Dr. Ranjini.M.A at KALAKSHAJA – A State Level Cultural Extravaganza held on 4th and 5th December 2018 at GDC, Bangalore.


  1. Best out of waste : 1st Prize :Charu-4th Year BDS
  2. Photography : 2ndPrize : Sreejit- 4th Year BDS
  3. On spot dance : 2nd Prize : Sharanya- Intern
  4. Paper dressing : 1st Prize : Nishmitha and Netra- Interns
  5. Vegetable carving : 2nd Prize : Dileep-Intern
  6. Solo singing : 2nd Prize : Aditi- Intern
  7. Fashion show : 3rdPrize : Interns


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Inauguration of Physiotherapy Center and Fertility Centre

On the occasion of the inauguration of Physiotherapy center and fertility centre at Urban Primary Health Center, NR colony, Bangalore the Member of Legislative Assembly Mr. Ravi Subramanya and Mayor Shri. Gangambike Mallikarjun visited the “Satellite Dental Clinic” a peripheral out-post of the “Department of Public Health Dentistry”, Dayananda Sagar College of Dental Sciences on 31st of October 2018 at 1130AM.

The various treatment procedures that were being done at the dental clinic for the masses including provision of dentures through Danta Bhagya Scheme and specialty care such as root canal treatments were informed to them. Mr Ravi Subramanya, honorable MLA volunteered for a dental check up and also enquired in detail about the average number of out patients being examined and treated at the center. The dignitaries had a clear view of the equipments and instruments that were available at the center. They were impressed by the work being done and appreciated the doctors.

The MLA and the mayor felicitated our Honorable Secretary Mr. Galiswamy for extending our services to the deserving population through Bangalore City

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Report on National Tooth-brushing Day Celebrations

The “National Tooth brushing day” as prescribed by Dental Council of India is celebrated in the month of November every year. The Department of Public Health Dentistry, Dayananda Sagar College of Dental Sciences conducted a dental health education camp including the monitored tooth brushing program. A team of faculty and students of the department organized and conducted the monitored tooth brushing program on 14-11-18 at Dayananda Sagar Kannada Medium School, Yelachenahalli, Bangalore. This school majorly caters to the students coming from lower socio economic strata in and around Yelachenahalli.

Oral health education was imparted to all the students using charts and models through demonstrations and lectures. Those students who were identified to have dental problems were counseled and were provided a referral card to receive treatment at subsidized cost on priority basis in Dayananda Sagar College of Dental Sciences. High school students were provided with free toothbrushes.

Separate session for demonstrating brushing technique was conducted. All the high school students were made to brush the teeth as demonstrated by the doctors. The dentists supervised the technique, and feedback was given till they learnt the correct way of brushing.

We thank ORAL B Company for the provision of toothbrushes.

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Research Development and Sustenance Committee Meet:

Research development and sustenance committee meet was held on 31st October 2018 at 9:30 am at CIL building DSI in order to scrutinize the research synopses submitted by the post graduates and faculty. On the scheduled day, a total of 25 synopses were presented in power point format by the post graduate students and faculty members. The meet was chaired by Dr. Hemanth .M and the member secretary Dr. Nagesh .L along with external and internal subject experts.

A total of 25 synopses were scrutinized for scientific integrity by the Research Methodologist, Statistician and subject experts.

The inputs given by the reviewers were incorporated by all the researchers and resubmitted after the necessary corrections. The corrected synopses were mailed to the Ethical Committee members to be scrutinized for ethical integrity. This systematic approach was followed to heighten the quality of research in our institution.

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Institutional Ethical Committee (IEC) Meeting:

The Institutional Review Board at Dayananda Sagar College of dental sciences conducted the Institutional Ethical Committee (IEC) meeting on 20-11-2018 at Seminar hall, Department of Orthodontics. The meeting was chaired by Dr. Murugan .V Principal, College of Pharmacy, Dayananda Sagar Institutions in the presence of Member secretary Dr. Nagesh .L and other members.

All the members presented the synopses to the IEC members. A thorough scrutiny of ethical integrity and issues like autonomy, beneficence, non-maleficence, veracity, confidentiality and conflict of interest was reviewed by the members. The meeting concluded with the members giving their valuable inputs regarding ethical issues to the researchers and were suggested to make necessary modifications. After necessary modifications were made in the synopses the Ethical approval certificates were issued to all the researchers. Institutional review board intends to maintain high standards of scientific and ethical vigors which were accomplished with these meetings.

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College Day & Graduation Day 2018:

The College & Graduation Day – Antaragni 2018 was held at Dr. D Premachandra Sagar Auditorium & Centre for Performing Arts, Dayananda Sagar Insitutions Campus - I on 6th of Oct 2018 from 1.30 PM to 4.00 PM. This was the culmination of the 10 day long, sports & cultural fest, where the whole college right from staff to all students took part enthusiastically. This was in line with our objective and belief that all work & no play make students dull. So, we at DSCDS encourage them to participate in extracurricular activities and sports events by maintaining a healthy mix and balance of both work & play. This was also an event where students took the responsibility to make their participation & presence felt by being a part of the overall organization of the event with the help & guidance of the staff. Such student driven events bring out the best in each of them and we witnessed their skills in finance, administration, culturals, sports activities etc.

Adding a feather on the cap of this special occasion was the presence of Dr. D. Hemachandra Sagar, Honorable Chairman - DSI, & Dr. S. Sacchidananda, Honorable Vice-chancellor, Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences for the event. The program was a huge success exhibiting high order of organization skills shown by our staff members & students.

The Principal of DSCDS Dr. Hemanth M gave an important message saying that each of the intern has to work to make himself/herself Unique & Remembered. He revealed the formula to become Unique & Remembered. If one can develop Calmness, it would help them develop Concentration & this power of Concentration is the basis of all learnings in this world. This secret has been revealed by none other than the great Swami Vivekananda. He ended his speech emphasizing the need to take care of oneself, which will help provide the best care for the patients, as stated in the revised Hippocratic Oath of 2017.

Honorable Vice-chancellor RGUHS& honorable chairman - DSI spoke from their hearts touching all the students with their valuable messages. There was an award ceremony for the toppers in academics, sports, culturals & the best out going all rounders. It was a moment of pride for all the awardees, the graduating doctors & their parents to receive the awards from the highly esteemed dignitaries. Overall, the program went really well, to the satisfaction of all present there.

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Blood Donation Camp Report

A mega blood donation camp was conducted on the 15th of September 2019 in Dayananda Sagar College of Dental Sciences as part of the NSS activity of the college. The program was in commemoration of the silver jubilee celebrations of our dental college. The camp was organized in association with Karnataka VidhyarthiKoota(KVK), an NGO associated with our dental college and its outreach activities. A team of doctors and technicians from the Sanjay Gandhi Trauma Hospital Blood Bank and Sagar Hospital blood bank were commissioned to do the needful. The programwas held at the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, DSCDS and started off at 9.30 am and continued till 2.30pm. There were about 150 volunteers who registered for blood donation andwe were successfully able to collect 80 pints of blood from the enthusiastic volunteers.

The concept of donating blood to save lives was instilled in all those who participated in the program

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Report of Orientation Day - 2018

Orientation Day – 2018, washeld at CD Sagar Auditorium, DSI, Bangalore, on 17th September 2018 from 10AM to 1.30PM. With the objective of orienting, enthusing & motivating our newly admitted I year BDS students we had a successful & fulfilling orientation day program. It was indeed a very motivating & energized day not only for I year BDS students but also for the II years, III years, interns, I year PG students & staff, who agreed in one voice that they were all charged up (all the other students were included too in view of the chief guest, who is renowned in many respects).

Click here to download the report....

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CDE programme on “ eliminating errors in esthetic dentistry”

CDE programme was held on 18th august 2018 on “ eliminating errors in esthetic dentistry” by DrSanthoshRavindran Attended by around 150 delegates.

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  1. Dr Nagesh Lakshminarayan, MDS, PGDHPE(KLEU and University of Illinois,USA), MPhil. Professor and Head of Department, Dept. of Public Health Dentistry, DSCDS.
  2. Dr Ravi Shirahatti, MDS, PGDHPE(KLEU and University of Illinois,USA), MHPE(University of Dundee, Scotland), PGDB.
  3. Dr Shyam Sivasamy, MDS, PGDB (Madurai Kamraj University).

The Department of Public Health Dentistry, DSCDS are proud to report a successfully organized and conducted a WORKSHOP ON HEALTH RESEARCH METHODOLOGY AND HEALTH STATISTICS from the 28th -31st of August 2018 at the CIL AUDITORIUM, DSI.

Dr Nagesh L, the chief resource person for the workshop, along with Dr Ravi Shirahatti and Dr Shyam Sivasamy (speakers), are faculty in the discipline of Public Health Dentistry and have been conducting workshops on Research Methodology, Biostatistics, Critical Evaluation of Scientific Articles, Research Ethics, Scientific Writing and other allied topics for many years. They have conducted workshops on above said subjects in medical colleges and dental colleges across the country.

The inaugural function took place on 28thAugust,2018, and the occasion was graced by Shri Galiswamy, Secretary, DSI, Dr. Hemanth M, Principal, DSCDS and Dr. Roopa R Nadig, Dean, DSCDS.

We had an overwhelming response from the staff of different specialties from our college, and around 10 staff from other medical and dental colleges across Bangalore. There were around 50 registrations for the CDE Programme which was beyond our expectations and the Karnataka State Dental Council has awarded 18 CDE points for the research workshop.

The workshop helped every participant to know the fundamentals of Health research and Health statistics, to identify a Research problem, formulate Research question, Research hypothesis, and Null hypothesis and defend. They were able to clearly formulate the objectives of a research and do literature search (basic and advanced) on a research topic using Pub med and other search engines and compile the available literature. They were also able to calculate sample size for a given research using G power soft ware and enter the dummy data into the excel sheet, import, analyze the data using SPSS and interpret the data.

At the end of the CDE Programme we received very good feedback for organizing such a programme. Most of them were happy to have gained more knowledge and take home messages. Each and every one of the delegates went home with eager minds to pen down their research works and to do further research with the skills that they had acquired in these 4 days.

The programme was a huge success, and this is a remarkable achievement for the Department of Public Health Dentistry, DSCDS, and for the DSI as a whole.

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International Yoga Day

Dayananda Sagar College of Dental Sciences celebrated International Yoga Day on 21st June 2018.

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ORIENTATION PROGRAM For PG Students was held on on 06thJune 2018 at Dayananda Sagar College of Dental Sciences,Dayananda Sagar Institutions,Shavige Malleshwara Hills, Kumaraswamy Layout, Bangalore – 78.

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